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Festivid: Black Flowers (Call the Midwife)

Title: Black Flowers
Vidder: [personal profile] meddow
Fandom: Call the Midwife
Music: 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack
Summary: But now, no face divine contentment wears

Download Link: Download 75mb mp4

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Dear festivider

Firstly, thank you! I'm so excited and really looking forward to see what you do and I'm just overjoyed to see any vid of any of the fandoms below and don't feel you have to pay much attention to what I've written.

But if you want more detail here's a bit more.

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Save the Hour



Sorry guys, had to post this as I love this show and right now the Hour's petition has 63 signatures to go to hit 12,000.


A Confession

Hello. My name is Meddow and I'm a tumblr addict.

It all started out innocently enough. You see, I've had a tumblr account for a while and I used it just to follow a couple of blogs but I didn't use it, and I also had a IRL tumblr for blogging some of my IRL adventures.

But then The Hour came along with its gorgeous set design and colour pallet and cast of my favourite actors (Peter Capaldi! Anna Chancellor!) playing wonderful chain-smoking passionate intelligent characters with a workplace dymanic which wouldn't be out of place in an early Sorkin show but without all of Sorkin's problems with writing women and was all “Hey babe, my fandom's over at tumblr. Join in. You know you want to.”

And so I followed, thinking I'd only maybe post links to my livejournal stuff, and maybe one or two Lix/Randall gif sets. I could balance it, I told myself. I could use tumblr for fandom without going to the dark side.

And then people started followed me and I followed them and suddenly my dashboard was filled with so many colourful gifs of so many fandoms – fandoms I had not been involved in for years – it appealed to my short attention span and to appreciate them all I had to do was press a little heart-shaped button which suited my busy lifestyle. And The Hour fandom is wonderful. I haven't seen a bit of wank at all.

It was so enticing and alluring. Suddenly I was using words like 'feels' and stressing out about my gimp skills and...and...I did the most tumblr of all tumblr things you can do: I started a fuck yeah community, FY!AnnaChancellor.

And then it took over my life. I was spending what free time I had for fandom activities creating gifs and editing photographs. My other fandom activities started to suffer and before I knew it, I had completely neglected my livejournal.

I'm sorry. I am ashamed, so ashamed. But I hope you all understand.

I will try to be better in future. But I don't think I'll be giving up tumblr any time soon.

Serious aside: Having grown increasingly unsatisfied with Livejournal the company over the years I gave up my paid account with Livejournal in December, but never felt the desire to pay for my Dreamwidth account. Plus, I do rarely have the time to write a full journal entry and, lets face it, I went weeks without and update last year. So I think this has actually been coming for a while.

TL;DR version: While I won't be giving up my LJ, I'm primarily over on tumblr these days. Sorry.


Title: Under Pressure
Vidder: [personal profile] meddow
Fandom: Shaun of the Dead
Music: 'Under Pressure (Rah Mix)' by Queen and David Bowie
Summary: Queen vs Bowie vs Love vs Shaun vs Zombies

Download Links: Large (75MB) Medium (50MB) Small (20MB)

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Happy Festivids!

It's festivids!

I have two wonderful vids this year and I love them both to pieces and you should all check them out.

The Princess Bride: Killer Dillers

The Thick of It: The Fucking Manual

The masterlist is here. There's so many. And I've contributed of course.

I'll do a rec post in a couple of days time when I've had a chance to watch a lot of them.

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Trope Bingo Card and Some Quick Reviews

Finished my festivid entry last weekend, so now I have a new challenge. Trope bingo

food porn au: apocalypse secret child secret twin / doppelganger de-aged
au: space kiss to save the day soul bonding / soulmates au: daemons fake relationship
immortality / reincarnation accidental marriage FREE

sharing a bed handcuffed/bound together
au: cop / detectivegame nightau: were / vamp / supernaturalau: historical
kidficau: circuspresumed deadholidayroad trip

It's really fun. I mean, I'm currently writing an au: were/vamp/supernatural fic for The Hour, which sounds ridiculous, which on a level it is, but it's actually become a really fun exercise in world building since to pull that off, I've got to come up with a plausible explanation for why vampires and werewolves would exist in London in 1957 and what the world would be like if that happened, and what it would be like if they worked as a team on a TV news show. Anyway – I am having fun.

(FYI, I very much believe the key to good crossovers, AUs and crack is you've got to take your premise seriously and properly run with it).

In other things: Watched Call the Midwife as am in a 1950s mood, and is that not just the most perfect little drama ever? It's just magnificent and I want to hug it for being just so wonderfully humanist and not at all soapy and all about women.

Also watched Les Mis. I did not cry. Which is pretty damning really, since I cry at everything, including the trailer for The Impossible which aired right before the movie. I just didn't connect. But aside from my lack of connection, it was very well done.

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Driveby Rec

Quick Yuletide rec: just a pawn, waiting to advance by anonymous. The Hour/1984 – George Orwell. Not a true crossover, but an AU

Recommended because an AU version of The Hour set in the 1984 universe is just pure genius. Given the 1950s UK setting and the emphasis on truth, lies and paranoia in The Hour, I can't think of a more perfect match. It's very bleak, but then as 1984 is the setting, if it wasn't bleak, I'd be disappointed. But what's really going for it is that even though there's a considerably darker twist on the characters, Freddie, Lix and Randall are all so very heartbreakingly Freddie, Lix and Randall.

Anyway, read. Read even if you haven't watched the Hour – it's an AU and so familiarity with the characters and canon is not required.

Also: I think reading 1984 as an impressionable teenager is a major factor in my love of messy doomed romances. Hmmm. Thank goodness Twilight wasn't around then.

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I actually wrote fic!

Title: Everything, Yourself and Home
Author: meddow
Rating: Teen
Characters: Lix Storm, Randall Brown, the Eleventh Doctor (Lix/Randall)
Spoilers: The Hour 2x03 (though takes place mostly pre-series), Doctor Who Angels Take Manhattan
Summary: Spain 1938. The Doctor accidentally picks up a pair of British journalists.

“War correspondents!” the man who called himself the Doctor exclaims as they walked into the console room. “You hear gunshots and you run towards them. And two of you! Let me guess, he"s got the notepad, she"s got the camera: he"s cunning, she"s daring, and you"re in love.”Collapse )
Have I ever linked to my fandom tumblr here? I know I've linked to my personal tumblr once before, but I don't think I have my fandom – mostly because I created it and then neglected it, but I've decided to be better at tumblr, I've even learnt how to do gif sets. So here is the link (currently mostly devoted to The Hour, Once Upon A Time, Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi).

So, apparently, Christmas is a good time to kill of characters? Okay, I can't talk, I spent my Christmas day watching The Mist and then The Great Escape, so depressing endings all around.

Downton Abbey: I think the Christmas special may well be the last Downton episode I'll watch. I'm not annoyed at the last scene plot twist, I just found the whole thing rather boring. Watching the fandom get all up in arms about whatever happened backstage that lead to the last scene plot twist is at least ten times more entertaining than the episode itself (somebody really need to sit some of those fans down and tell them that acting is a job and you cannot expect actors to say in a job they don't want more than you can force anyone to stay in any job they don't want)

Doctor Who: The villain repeating “winter is coming” again and again made me lol from the bottom of my Stark-adoring heart and I do have to wonder if Moffat was poking a bit of fun at Game of Thrones in addition the obvious fun he was having gently poking a bit of fun at Sherlock (and I just looked up Jenna Louise Coleman and found out she's dating Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden, and now that has become just that little bit extra amusing).

Clara I really liked. Really, though, I'm still a bit hesitant towards her at the moment due to being worried that if she's around for more than one episode, the writing of her will deteriorate, so I can't quite bring myself to emotionally invest in her, if that makes sense.

I enjoyed the episode overall – I can't help but like episodes which contain a bit group of the Doctor's allies working together, but it wasn't close to knocking The Runaway Bride off its top spot as my favourite Doctor Who Christmas episode.

And, finally, I am really missing The Hour. I know I kind of rubbished it in my last few posts, but I really miss that show now I haven't got new episodes to watch. I think I'm going to have to do a bit of rental stalking of the cast while waiting news on a third season (please, BBC, please, please can The Hour have a third season – the characters are perfect).


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